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I’d come home in a bad mood……. go right up stairs and go to sleep. Yell at the kids, stuff like that. One time i got really upset, my wife knows about this. A three year old heifer was walking up through the kill alley. And she was having a calf right there, it was half in and half out. I knew she was going to die, so i pulled the calf out. Wow, did my boss get mad….. They call these calves " slunks ". They use the blood for cancer research. And he wanted that calf. What they usually do is, when the cow’s guts fall on to the gut table, the workers go along and rip the uterus open and pull these calves out. Its nothing to have a cow hanging up in front of you and seeing the calf inside kicking, trying to get out……. My boss wanted that calf, but i sent it back down to the stockyards …… I complained to the foreman, the the inspectors, the kill floor superintendant. Even the superintendant over at the beef division. We had a long talk one day in the cafeteria about this crap that was going on. I’ve gotten so mad, some days I’d go and pound on the wall because they wont do anything about it……. I’ve never seen a ( USDA ) vet near the knocking pen. Nobody wants to come back there. See, I’m an ex-marine. The blood and guts don’t bother me. It’s the inhumane treatment. There’s just so much of it.

The next two pages in this book will bring you to tears, its just so unjust, what we do to these beautiful creatures for their meat. Something we dont actually have to eat.



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