We are Killing Our Cats and Dogs

We have a problem in this country.

Hundreds of thousands of healthy and treatable cats and dogs are being abandoned and killed in pounds, shelters and vet clinics each year in Australia and it is preventable.

We have a system that perpetuates a cycle of breeding to excess, impulse purchasing of pets and then quietly killing the surplus, mainly healthy cats and dogs year after year.

250,000 healthy, unwanted cats and dogs are killed in Australian pounds each year.

We killed 57,351 ( Deathrowpets figures ) in New South Wales alone, in 2011.

If your want a pet, try and support a sheltered pet.

They come de-sexed and vet checked.

Adoption solves the problem, one pet at a time.

When we are getting all our pets from adoption outlets and we are no longer supporting puppy factories and backyard cattery’s, we will be one step closer to a better future for our furry best friends.

This is my adopted furry family member, his name is


He was 12 years old when we got him.
His old owner had dumped him at the RSPCA because he was too much work.
Well now a year and a half on, he has been no more work than he was the first day he arrived.
He has bonded to us like we have owned him all our lives.
Flown down free of charge from Tweed Heads to Newcastle by Jet Pets, a service RSPCA arranged for us.

I guess they did this because Monty had found a way into their hearts, just like he found a way into ours.

You see a lot of people believe that old pets never bond to their new owners. This is incorrect.

People believe that they are expensive, Monty cost us $45, because he was an older cat.

I would of paid $4500 for him. Most pets come de-sexed and with a complete vet check for around $100 at refuges. They range from young kittens and pups to older pets like Monty.

See Monty came to repair our hearts, he didn’t know it and nor did we at the time, see we had lost our Dudley ….. on xmas day , our eternal gypsy, our little man and we didn’t want another cat, not just yet.

Until i made the mistake of looking at the Adopt a Pet site on the app on my iphone and well Monty was on his last days.
We said yes to have him on Friday and his last day was going to be Monday. He was due to be put to sleep. So in a way, we saved his life, but really he saved a little piece of ours.

He bought a light back to the house that had dark on Xmas day when Dudley left us.

( More to come on Dudley later.)

So please just think …….

Adopt for your next pet, you won’t regret it, and nor will they.

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