Bio Chef Blender

Bio Chef Vitality for Life High Performance Kitchen Blender

Available in two colours, Black & Burgundy


This is one of the newest and most advanced high powered blenders on the market, it continues to surpass blender standards globally with a high powered motor, uniquely designed blades, super tough jug and easy to use controls.

  • 10 Year warranty on Motor
    7 Years on Parts and Labour
  • Japanese Stainless Steel blades
  • Non-leaching polycarbonate 2L jug
  • Quiet Operation (85dB)

Benefit from the WHOLE food by pulverising skins, peels, seeds, makes smoothies, hot soups, baby food and much more

Its a food processor, ice cream maker, chopper & ice crusher

Powerful Commercial-Grade Motor

The Bio Chef Blender features a 3 Horsepower motor, making it an incredibly powerful and heavy-duty kitchen machine. The motor has been engineered to adhere to our customer requirements of durability and maximum power, while also being quieter than the average blender (85 dB compared to 100+ dB)

While being incredibly powerful, it is also energy efficient with a maximum power usage of 950W (max workpower for machine longevity). The BioChef Blender is truly built to blend and blend and blend. It even features an automated over-heating switch off function, meaning it won’t “burn out” like cheaper blenders on the market. You can then simply switch back on and continue blending.

Strong and Durable, BPA FREE Jug

The blender comes as standard, with a 2L jug. Unlike the majority of blenders on the market, you can be assured that the jug is completely free of harmful BPA chemicals and very light compared with glass jugs and unlike other well known brands you only need one jug!

The 2 Litre container is made from BPA free, heat-resistant, leakage free, Food Grade and non-leaching Polycarbonate. It has a heat/melting point which is over 120 Degrees Celsius, far beyond any temperature which would be reached with the BioChef Blender.

The jug is approved by the European Commission for Food Safety, the FDA, and Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

Precision Stainless Steel Blades

Featuring precision designed blades made from Japanese stainless steel, which has one of the highest quality control steel requirements than any other country in the world.
The blades are blunt and it is purely the power of the motor which propels the blades at over 30,000 rotations per minute to pulverise foods. This means no sharpening is required and your blender will continuously blend to the same standard for years and years.

The blades are designed most importantly to break the cell-wall in your produce. This increases their bioavailability for your body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes. The Bio Chef has the ability to pulverise the skins, seeds, peels of fruits and vegetables, meaning you and your family can benefit from the WHOLE food. The BioChef Blender is truly a Healthy Blender.

Stainless Steel multi-purpose blades enable you to blend ice, all grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and more, all with one blade. The blades are specifically designed to help you make HOT soup within minutes using friction heat, whilst also being able to create FROZEN desserts within seconds.

Easy to Use!

Pulse: The BioChef Blender features a ‘Pulse’ function unlike the market leader, meaning you have more control of the consistency of the food produced. This feature allows you to blend ice and knead dough easily and thoroughly. This feature ensures precision every time!

Simple Speed Controls: Low, Medium & High – Could it be any easier? For best results we recommend starting blending on Low, allowing the ingredients to mix, then turning up to Medium or High for thorough and even blending.

Timer: With a timer you can set and forget! Simply select either 35, 60 or 90 seconds and you can walk away and your BioChef timer will automatically switch itself off! Perfect for busy commercial environments!

Easy to Clean!

Hate cleaning? So do we! The easiest way to quickly clean your BioChef, is to half fill with warm water and a squeeze of detergent, then blast on High for just 5 seconds and voila, cleaning done!


30,000 RPM, 3 HP Wound Motor, 50 – 60 Hz Frequency
Accessories Included: 2L JUG, TAMPER,
Colours available: Classic Black or Burgundy
Product Weight: 4 kg Wattage: 950w, 240v
Certified: EC food safety, FDA UL listed
Product Dimensions: L 20cm x H 59cm x D 24cm
Product materials: BPA FREE Food Grade Jug


10 yrs on motor, 7 yrs on parts


3 yrs limited

See what the Bio Chef blender can do:

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