Cut Poison Burn DVD - Cancer, Radiation, Chemo

What you don’t know can kill you!

Cut, Poison, Burn is a controversial, eye opening, and confronting documentary that puts the business of cancer treatment under the microscope. A compelling critique of the powerful influence that medical monopolies, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies have in ‘The war On Cancer’.

The film also follows the frustrating and heartbreaking journeys of critically ill cancer patients as they navigate the confusing maze of cancer treatment options and encounter challenging obstacles on their journeys to get well.

This movie ultimately conveys hope that a new paradigm of prevention and medical freedom is possible if we are to win the ‘War On Cancer’.

Taking over 12 years to complete, and sifting through 150 hours of footage and interviews with top oncologists, researchers, policy-makers, alternative practitioners, and patients, Cut Poison Burn ventures where no other film has ever dared to go on the topic of Cancer.

Cut, Poison, Burn covers, the origins of America’s ‘War On Cancer’ and how the American Cancer Program has failed to substantially reduce Cancer deaths, an eye-opening look at who really controls the Cancer industry and how profit invariably precedes human lives.

The film looks at what influence that the pharmaceutical companies and government agencies have over research, legislation and treatment protocols, the strangle-hold that the FDA has over a patients personal rights to choose, how pharmaceutical companies and government agencies suppress alternative Cancer treatments and many personal stories from cancer patients who chose natural treatment alternatives and lived to tell their story.

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REGION FREE DVD © 2011 Approx 85 Minutes

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