Gasland DVD - Gas's Dirty Secret


The Billion Dollar Energy Industry has a Dirty Secret.

In September 2006, theatre director and part-time banjo player, Josh Fox, received an unexpected letter, a natural gas company offering him $100 000 for permission to explore his familys upstate New York property, in the lush Delaware River Basin area.

Rather than simply signing on the dotted line, Joshs curiosity saw him asking questions, after some investigation, he discovered that the method for extracting the valuable resource from the reserves was hydraulic fracturing. And he also found out that this process was exempt from several important pieces of federal legislation, including the clean water act.

As Josh sets out on a journey across Americas heartland, his personal concerns quickly uncover global ones, the multi-million dollar business of fracking is contaminating the water supply, the corporate giants are in cover-up mode, and the PR-spun government has not only turned a blind eye, but has regulated itself out of the picture.

Rough-hewn yet poetic, this film is a desperate plea for scrutiny of a powerful industry that has now turned its eyes on a new, massive and (for now) largely unexplored territory, Australia.

If you thought natural gas was environmental friendly, think again! You need to watch this dvd!

In Australia as they do in the USA they are expanding this industry enormously under the exploration laws, the ones that are exempt from almost all environmental regulations and drinking water laws.

This makes coal look like the cleanest energy in the world.

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