Money Wars DVD

Wall Street vs. Main Street

The war has been brewing for over a hundred years, resulting in government corruption, loss of freedom and bank bailouts.

Money Wars reveals the truth behind the real transformation of America. It explores what really caused the Global Financial Crisis and how the problem has not gone away. The Federal Reserve may lead to the ultimate financial destruction of the American Empire.

Does the government takeover of General Motors mean the end of the free market? Why was Wall Street bailed out and Main Street left to suffer? How did US taxpayer money go to foreign banks?

At the end of WWII America was one of the world’s top producers, until it started exporting factories and jobs overseas and thus begun the downfall of the American Empire.

How has the government destroyed your freedom via refusal to abide by the US Constitution and the continued fear campaign started with 9-11 that unleashed attacks on the Constitutional rights of Americans.

Why we will have a Depression and how will the world we know continue?

The war has begun for your money and you may just lose everything.

It may of started in the USA but the system is set to fail in almost all western countries into the future. How will it affect you?

REGION FREE DVD © 2010 Approx 90 Minutes

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