Oscar Neo DA 1000 Ultem Tough Juicer

Most advanced single-gear cold press juicer
3 Step Auger Crushing System
NEW BPA Free ‘Ultem Tough’ parts
NEW Pulp Adjustment Nozzle
Smooth nutrient dense pulp free juice
20 year warranty on motor and 10 years on parts
Perfect for all Raw Food Kitchens

The Oscar Neo Cold Press Juicer is the latest and most advanced single-gear cold press juicer in the World.

It continues the features of previous models of the highly acclaimed Oscar juicer family with some significant improvements to function and design, producing the most smooth and nutrient rich cold pressed juice available from a slow or cold pressed juicer. MORE juice and LESS pulp.

Also referred to as a masticating type of juicer, the Oscar Neo 1000 thoroughly “chews” up plant fibres, mimicking our own chewing function, to fully extract vitamins, enzymes, and minerals from fruits and vegetables. The horizontal design of this ‘slow juicer’ means it excels at juicing fibrous and leafy green vegetables like wheatgrass and kale, with high juice yield and little froth.

This ‘living juice’ can be made, stored and consumed for up to 48 hours, meaning you are able to juice in bulk and keep in the fridge for a couple of days. The gentle extraction action (at only 80 RPM’s) means no foam or froth is produced (foam indicates oxidation).

Oscar Neo Top Features:

3 Step Auger Crushing System for MORE juice, LESS pulp
NEW Pulp Adjustment Nozzle for even more control during the juicing process (to help with changing from hard fibrous and more pulpy produce)
Sleek Euro Design, available in 4 colours – Chrome, Black, White and Burgundy
Smaller benchtop footprint
Built in reverse function to prevent clogging
Quiet operation due to low rpm
Black auger to prevent staining of parts
Makes juices, nut and seed butters, sorbets, pasta, baby foods and more.

Oscar Neo is a Slow Squeezing Juice Extractor
Utilising the patented Oscar Juicer 3-Step Auger Crushing System, like a mortar and pestle, the Oscar Neo crushes the produce to correctly break open the cell wall to releases vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are more bioavailable to our bodies.

This gentle action minimises exposure to air which keeps the integrity of the juice (keeps it alive) for up to 48 hours. This same gentle slow squeezing action means that the Oscar Neo can also be used as a raw food processor, so for example, if you are making basil pesto, the enzymes will not be whipped out of them as they would be using a high speed conventional food processor.

The Oscar, using the mincing/processing screen included can puree, grinding, ice cream making and easy pasta or noodle making.

Neo is the toughest Juicer Machine, It is named the “Ultem Tough” Oscar for a reason -The Auger, Juicing and Mincing Strainer of the Neo are made from a NEW material, Ultem, a more durable and hard-wearing FDA Registered Food Grade Polycarbonate.

Another NEW and exciting feature is the Pulp Adjustment Nozzle. You can now control the pressure under which the fruits and vegetables are juiced, resulting in a greater quantity of cold press juice with less pulp and froth.

If you are just starting out juicing, or want to upgrade from the old style centrifugal juicing, the Oscar Neo is the premium single gear juicer without a doubt.

The Oscar Neo comes with 20 year warranty on the gearbox and motor.

The combined motor and gearbox produce a greater torque, a 150W motor gives ample power and you get twice the operating life. All internal clips and wiring are fully insulated for safety and to prevent corrosion.


Extraction Type Single Gear/Cold Press RPM 80 RPM
Motor Single-Phase Induction Frequency 50 Hz
Included Accessories Ultem Tough Auger & Strainer, Pulp Ejection Knob, Collection Jugs, Cleaning Brush, Tamper, Food Processing Screen & Pasta Attachments
Product Weight 6.36kg Shipping Weight 9kg
Product Dimensions L 41cm x W 17cm x H 34cm Shipping Dimensions L 45cm x H 28cm x D 23cm
Wattage 150w Voltage 230v
Certified CE certified Materials BPA FREE Ultem Tough Polycarbonate


20 Years on Motor / 10 Years on Parts

Extra Features:

Horizontal Juicing, Pulp Adjustment Nozzle, Sleek European Design, larger Pasta Attachments for better results Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables, Wheatgrass, Leafy Greens Feed Product Type New Optional Extras Ice Crusher/Multi Slicer

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