Program for Reversing Heart Disease Book

Dr Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease.


Dr. Dean Ornish is the first clinician to offer documented proof that heart disease can be halted, or even reversed, simply by changing your lifestyle. Based on his internationally acclaimed scientific study, which has now been ongoing for years, Dr. Ornish’s program has yielded amazing results. Participants reduced or discontinued medications, their chest pain diminished or disappeared, they felt more energetic, happy, and calm, they lost weight while eating more and blockages in coronary arteries were actually reduced.

In his breakthrough book, Dr. Ornish presents this and other dramatic evidence and guides you, step-by-step, through the extraordinary Opening Your Heart program, which is winning landmark approval from America’s health insurers. The program takes you beyond the purely physical side of health care to include the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects so vital to healing.

This book represents the best modern medicine has to offer. It can inspire you to open your heart to a longer, better, happier life.

Dean Ornish has superb training, earning his M.D. at the Baylor College School of Medicine, continuing his education at the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital. He learned about the power of plant-based nutrition long after medical school and used that knowledge to push the envelope with regards to the limitations of modern medicine.

Bill Clinton says he was inspired to follow a low-fat, plant-based diet by several doctors, including Dr Dean Ornish and has been working with Clinton as one of his consulting physicians since 1993.

Dr Dean Ornish also has a dvd out called " The Healthy Heart " also available from urban gypsy australia.

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