Taking Control Of Diabetes DVD with Dr Neal Barnard MD

Leading clinical researcher, associate professor of medicine, author, and health advocate, Dr Neal Barnard, MD shares his scientifically proven system to taking control of diabetes through nutrition.

The DVD is targeted at diabetics and those at risk of becoming diabetic based on genes and current lifestyle habits. Dr Barnard’s new approach addresses diabetes, but also helps with other ailments including high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease and weight.

The DVD also explains the different types of diabetes and how each can be triggered by genetics, weight, poor diet and lack of physical activity or pregnancy. It reveals in-depth scientific studies from leading national organizations, unveiling results that not only diminish diabetes, but increase energy and weight-loss.

Through the research, Dr Barnard identifies step-by-step guidelines to apply to one’s lifestyle, he presents the effects from fat, fiber and calories.

Did you know that the percentage of fat in beef versus chicken only differs by 6%?

Dr. Barnard teaches basic dietary guidelines to identifying fiber-rich foods, foods low in fat and foods with a low glycemic index, with no limits or calorie counting and ways of cutting back or getting rid of that medication.

A very informative dvd that might just answer the questions your doctor couldn’t on diabetes.

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REGION FREE DVD © 2009 Approx 150 minutes

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