The 1.5L Water Jug Replacement Filter Set

1.5L ACE Bio Mineral Water Jug replacement filter set does not include the jug.

It is designed to service the ACE jug when the filters need replacing.

At urban gypsy australia we realise the importance of good quality filtered water.

The Bio Mineral Ace Jug is the latest technology in portable water filtering jugs.

The filters remove chemicals, heavy metals, Nitrates, bacteria and most importantly fluoride, while creating mineralised magnetised alkalised water.

Filtration stages include: prefilter, activated carbon filter medium, ion exchange resin, bio organic alkaline minerals, organic germanium, far infrared and magnets. Filtering out chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, nitrate, odours, sediment, bacteria, cysts & viruses. Adding ‘Ki’ (Life energy), around 60 bio organic trace minerals & restructuring the water molecules to significantly increase cellular hydration.

Featuring 9 stages of filtration, the BMP Ace jug turns your tap water into great tasting, alkaline, energised mineral water at around 2 cents per litre.

This is the replacement filter set only and does not include the jug.

The filters are recommended to be replaced every 4800 litres, approximately 2 years worth of filtering at standard use based on approx 6.5 litres a day of filtering.

This is a full replacement of the filters cartridges for the 1.5L Water Filter Jug.

Free Postage Australia Wide, Worldwide quoted in cart.

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