The Burning Season DVD

The issues of Palm Oil are very real.

For habitat. For the people of Asia.

There is no more important issue.

Will the orangutan even make it to the next century, or will they be a price of cheap palm oil in our supermarkets?

Dorjee Sun, a young Australian Entrepreneur, believes there’s money to be made from protecting rainforests in Indonesia, saving the orangutan from extinction and making a real impact on climate change.

Armed with a laptop and a backpack, he sets out across the globe to find investors in his carbon trading scheme. It is a battle against time.

Achmadi, the palm oil farmer is ready to set fire to his land to plant more palm oil, and Lone’s orangutan centre has reached crisis point with over 600 orangutans rescued from the fires.

The Burning Season is an eco-thriller about a young man not afraid to confront the biggest challenge of our time.

Narrated by Hugh Jackman

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