The Face of Birth DVD - Midwives & Homebirths

A movie about respecting and protecting a woman’s right to choose how, where and with whom she gives birth.

Through the diverse and moving stories of five women who choose to have homebirths The Face of Birth gives us the big-picture on the importance of how, where and with whom we give birth to our children.

Featuring interviews with some of the world’s top childbirth experts The Face of Birth explores the links between choice and safety. It exposes the hidden costs, and broader social consequences of rising rates of intervention.

A must-see for all parents, and anyone intending to give birth, this feature-length movie about pregnancy, childbirth and the power of choice will change the way you view childbirth.

Everyone should see this film. A must for every health professional who truely wants to be ‘with woman’ and a necessity for women of all ages to inspire them to exercise their human right to make informed choices in regards to their pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey.

" This film is full of good information for any woman wanting to explore her birth place options… It is without a doubt the best film I have seen on the subject ".
Virginia Maddock, Editor – Birthings magazine (Australia)

" As an Australian bloke, I learnt as much about womans rights as I did about the right for them to choose the type of birth they have, that is what makes this film so powerful. "
Marty Brown – urban gypsy australia

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REGION FREE DVD © 2012 Approx 90 Minutes

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