Vegan Body Building & Fitness Book

Written by Robert Cheeke

Robert Cheeke has been at the forefront of a different way to fuel and nourish bodybuilders for years, in an industry riddled with animal-derived body-enhancing supplements.

One of the most prominent figures in vegan bodybuilding, his advice on diet, training, and other facets of the lifestyle make this book a fantastic resource.

You will find guidelines on the mental and physical aspects of preparation necessary for undertaking the goal of becoming a bodybuilder.

There’s a section that provides an overview of nutrition, nutrient food sources, the function of nutrients in the body along with mass building menus for training, lists of resources for products,

services and equipment that are completely vegan, and helpful information on which exercises yield the best results.

Included is advice on how to find sponsorship and make bodybuilding a career as well as how to take bodybuilding beyond a personal endeavour and use it for activism and outreach.

With recipes, meal plans and suggestion on how to get fit, this book is an easy guide for all bodybuilders who want a healthier option to their fitness.

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